The Story of a Storyteller | Randall Wallace

The Story of a Storyteller | Randall Wallace

Mr. Randall Wallace is a committed storyteller and artist, and, something rarer in Hollywood, a committed Christian. Michael talks with Randall about Hollywood and faith: Must they be in a perpetual collision, or can there be productive collaboration?

A Great Storyteller

Nothing is more timeless than the mysterious, magnetic attraction of storytelling. Human beings are born storytellers, but few are as gifted at this episode’s. The renowned director Randall Wallace, a screenwriter and producer, is known for his credits including BraveheartPearl HarborHeaven Is for RealWe Were Soldiers, and most recently, Secretariat.


Show Notes

Timestamps correlate most closely to the audio (not video) track.

  • 03:20 | What led you into filmmaking?
  • 05:25 | The role of music
  • 07:15 | Hebrew words for “God”, for “spirit”
  • 08:20 | Where were you when you realized storytelling would be your medium?
  • 10:30 | Elegy for a songwriter and the lyrical quality of good dialogue
  • 13:30 | What a stupid idea!
  • 14:08 | Two angels
  • 17:10 | At wit’s end
  • 19:28 | The only creative compass

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